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The Merits of Reusable Menstrual Cups.

Menstruation happens for the better part of every woman’s life and women need to know that there are other options to use during this time besides tampons and sanitary pads. There are many women who do not make this choice because they do not the benefits. You might have heard cases where people suffered from toxic shock syndrome due to use of tampons but this has never been heard of when women use reusable menstrual cups. TSS occurs when someone leaves a tampon in place for long periods. It is worth noting that the menstrual cups simply hold the menstrual fluid as opposed to absorbing it which would increase the chances of a bacterial infection. The vaginal walls are not exposed to the outside environment which means the cup will be protected from outside air once in place. The absence of air means bacteria growth will be minimal if not eliminated which is news that should make you happy. A reusable menstrual cup is something every woman should have.

When you insert a tampon, it is going to absorb everything in the vaginal canal and when the secretions are sucked, the walls will be left dry which is not a state they should be in. This makes the area itchy as well as exposing you to injury not to mention infection. When you use menstrual cups, only the blood will be collected and this means the body functioning will not be interrupted. Unlike tampons and sanitary pads, you can leave these cups in place for 12 hours. Menstruation comes with pain, bloating and even mood changes and anything that makes you forget about this is much better which is what the menstrual cups will do for you given how comfortable they are. Do not let the thought of a cup in your body alarm you because it feels very comfortable when you give yourself time to adjust.

The cups are termed as reusable because you just empty the content, clean them and put them back right in and once the cycle is over you will not be discarding them. There will be no need for you to keep spending money every month to buy disposable sanitary towels or tampons and you can use this money for other purposes. Since the cups will collect the blood before it gets out, there will be no period odor to worry about. You will be saved from the anxiety of worrying when your seatmate or the person next to you will notice that you are menstruating. Tampons and sanitary pads will be exposed to air and this is what causes the unpleasant period odor.

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