The Most Sought After Features In Field Service Management Software

Running a business that utilizes field-based employees presents several challenges for management, as it is often complicated to track the effectiveness of staff members and ensure that they are providing quality service promptly. Rather than using a variety of programs to oversee the entire lifecycle of a service request, more and more companies are choosing to centralize their operations with the help of field service management software. The following is a quick look at the most popular features a package has to offer.

Work Order Coordination and Management

Failing to manage the workflow of employees effectively will likely lead to missed service calls and lost revenue, but a software suite will automate the process. Whether a service request is received via a call center, an online ticket, or in person, it will seamlessly integrate into a technicians workflow and remain at the top of the work order queue until it is scheduled. It will also automatically alert technicians when any needed parts are in stock and streamline the followup process.

Dispatch and Scheduling

Managing the schedules of multiple employees is time-consuming, and it is imperative to schedule staff so that their route for a given day is as condensed as possible. A software suite will determine the addresses of any given appointments and schedule them so that an employee spends as little time driving as possible. This not only ensures employees use their time efficiently, but it helps to lower operational costs.

Mobile Device Access

Communication is vital when managing a pool of field-based staff, and software that offers cloud compatibility and mobile device access will allow every employee to have access to the information they need to remain informed. Most companies already supply their staff with a mobile device, which means it is an affordable way to keep every employee in the loop and on task.

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